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Timeshares?? You gottabe kidding me merchant underwriters

People were conned into a presentation via a “free” vacation. They underwent several hours of harassment and then caved; gave them their credit card just to get out of the place.

Now, they want to sell?? You kidid’n me, right? Underwriters….You think there aren’t gonna be chargebacks when they can’t sell? Buyers already “lined up?’ Did you ever see a line to buy a timeshare? Get serious merchant underwriters! Protect your processor. They’re lining up to make chargebacks!!

They were dumb enough then, they’re dumb enough now. “That’s why we bought the list of dummies, dummy.”

“According to the FTC’s complaint, since at least 2006, Vacation Property Services, Inc., two related companies, and their three principals have made tens of thousands of unsolicited telemarketing calls to timeshare owners claiming that they could quickly find buyers for the owners’ timeshares. The defendants allegedly trick consumers into paying large up-front fees, typically using one of two deceptive sales pitches – that they have buyers lined up and waiting to buy the timeshare properties or that they will find a buyer for the timeshare properties within a short period of time. Regardless of the pitch used, the defendants demand that consumers pay an up-front fee, ranging from $200 to more than $8,000.”

The list of cry baby cry baby cry baby.

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