Merchant Account Underwriting Tools

A common Ruse We See in Our Pre Underwriting Process

The applicant, often female, is in their mid twenties and as such has little credit or business history.The business is recently formed and is often a higher risk product. Our data indicates that they have been associated with some entirely different type of business, if any at all. i.e beauty salon, cosmetic sales, personal trainer,etc. People we identify as possible associates of the applicant are older and their names often connect with high risk products or services and even past chargeback events. There is hesitance on the part of the applicant to define what, if any, business they were in previously and what led them into this particular endeavor..
This signals to us that the applicant is “fronting” for someone who can’t get a merchant account for various reasons and results in our digging deeper to identify those reasons.

Be diligent in looking for signs that “straw men” (and women) are setting you up.

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