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The Rubins

In reviewing my calendar today I was reminded that THIS WAS THE WEEK for Blake Rubin, age 37, to be released from the federal pen. In fact, He was released on December 31, a little late for the Christmas scams. Nevertheless, ready for the New Year.

Brother Chase Rubin, age 35, was released the preceding day and they may have reconnected with their father, Adrian, age 63,who got out last August and if so inclined, could have set up a new “business” for them.

Or not. Perhaps they have been rehabilitated and have found a trade that doesn’t involve the scamming of thousands of elderly victims. Sure, there are legitimate Adrian, Blake and Chase Rubins out there and I don’t want to impinge their good reputations.

Nevertheless, underwriters should look carefully at any merchant account applications attached to these names. And don’t let their alleged involvement with “scholarships” or other generosities influence you.

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