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Those Sneaky Rubins

Not content with the past, they prepare for the future when they are released.

there’s Papa Adrian

release date August 23, 2020
And Number One Son Blake, release date January 18, 2021, and

even Number Two Son, Chase, release date January 17, 2021.

Thanks to Craig Silverman of Buzzfeed ( for reminding me of this case that I had followed for several years. Per our post back in July 2015 entitled “They don’t Just go Away” ( we see the same serial fraudsters reappear sooner or later. Underwriters should read Craig Silverman’s well researched article and make a mental note to watch for the Rubin’s to reappear, having in their minds “cleaned up” their public image on-line. If Craig should like to explore a similar story he can look up Philip Arcand, age 58, released in May of 2011 after doing 10 years for his part in inserting numerous fraud/fictitious merchants into a bank’s portfolio causing millions in losses. Unlike the Rubins, instead of trying to manipulate public data, Arcand changed his name and is now back in the merchant processing business per