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If You Process Transactions for Debt Collectors . . . .

Keep this is mind:  Stay Aware of What they’re Doing!!

A Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization act class action case has been filed against Jefferson Capital System, LLC. Sued previously by the FTC in a civil action they may not have  learned their lesson well. Per our previous blog post you REALLY don’t want your ISO to be caught up in a RICO criminal case as perceived to having assisted in the violations: CLICK ON “CONTINUE READING” BELOW.

RICO and Merchant Processors

To read the current criminal complaint please go to:




Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC et al – RICO Complaint

Case 3:16-cv-01897-DMS-MDD   Document 1   Filed 07/27/16  Page 1 of 40   KAZEROUNI LAW GROUP, APC BANKRUPTCY LAW CENTER, APC Abbas Kazerounian, Esq. [SBN: 249203]        Ahren A. Tiller, Esq. [SBN 250608] 245 Fischer Avenue, Unit D1                          1230 Columbia Street, Suite 1100 Costa Mesa, CA 92626 San Diego, CA 92101 Telephone: (800) 400-6808                            Telephone: (619)Read More