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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Not taking Sides Here But . . .

There are, in fact, two lawsuits. The one In Nevada State court (Clark) in which Dermaktive sues AP Processing and T1 Payments, and one in the United States Court District of Nevada wherein AP Processing sues Dermaktive.(

Of interest to me is that both T1 Payments ( and something called “Dermaktive Try” ( list Office 3 Unit R1, Penfold Trading Estate, Imperial Way, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD24 4YY on their websites as an address.

Coincidentally I’m sure, at this address also is listed Brandon Chapnick ( The FTC entered an order against the Chapnick and Smuckler enterprises in February 2016 for $105 million for his use of  “free” trial offers and health claims that the agency charges are deceptive and illegal to pitch green coffee bean extract and another dietary supplements.

I could go on and on about fraudsters at the same address but you’d get bored.

Tricky indeed!    Man-hidig

AP Processing vs. Dermaktive

UNITED STATES DISTRICT  COURT DISTRICT OF NEVADA Case COMPLAINT FOR BREACH OF AND DECLARATORY RELIEF 19 (Jury Demand) 20 NTY       Plaintiff, ATLANTIC-PACIFIC PROCESSING  SYSTEMS,  , a Nevada Corporation (hereinafter “Plaintiff ‘ or “APPS”) hereby alleges for its complaint against Defendants DERMAKTIVE,  LLC, and JORDAN  DUFNER  (herein  collectively “Defendants”) as follows:                 1. JURISDICTION Read More