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Wunder, Wunder, Wunder Who wrote the Book of Scam

With apologies to The Monotones and their 1957 hit song.

According to court filings in Colorado and California, Andrew Wunder, Stephen Wunder and Christian Wunder (there was also a Bethany Wunder, but that’s too much wunder) scammed would be travelers with thousands of dollars in membership fees, sometimes as much as $10,000, that were to include exclusive travel packages and that were not received as promised.

First as Sea to Ski Vacations and then with American Travel Planners. In the Colorado case they have been ordered to pay $7 million in penalties and restitution. The California case is pending.

As wunder-full as this is, there is much more than just Andrew, Bethany, and Christian. There’s also John. His chapter in the Book of Scam shows classic fraud measures that mark a true professional. See Even More, below.

It has been reported that a federal agency usually identified by three initials has a strong interest in pursuing criminal charges.

Underwriters can help avoid chargebacks by knowing how their merchant is marketing and what they are promising. Obviously “memberships” can hang those chargebacks out there for a long time. High pressure sales presentations and unrealistic promises can also foretell losses for a processor.


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