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Monthly Archives: December 2014


It’s not particularly interesting or unique that Consumer Collection Advocates and Michael Ettus were enjoined (  from continuing their allegedly fraudulent activities by deceptively claiming they could recover monies lost by consumers to prior fraudsters.  In the telemarketing world its always been called re-loading and the practice has been around for decades. That is, if the cardholder was dumb enough to fall for the first false pitch they might well be dumb enough to think their loss can be recovered.

I use “dumb” in a nice  way. The victims are most likely elderly, naive and for whatever reason unaware of the dangers posed by telemarketers. Underwriters must be alert for business practices that may affect consumers covered under the Senior Citizens Against Marketing Scams Act.

“After paying an illegal up-front fee expecting to recover their prior loss the victim is unlikely to ever hear from Consumer Collection Advocates again, much less receive any “recovery.”

Karma? “Health Department inspectors found more than five feet of mulch dumped on a lot in The Acreage where RJM Homes Inc. planned to build a home for Michael Ettus.They also found PVC pipe, metals and empty containers of hydraulic fluid mixed with mulch on Ettus’ land.”There was environmentally hazardous waste dumped on my property. It wasn’t just mulch,” said Ettus, who said he spent months trying to get his builder to remove the material. “They destroyed my property.” County officials said they could not determine whether the mulch on Ettus’ property came from their supply.