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Consumer Fraud For Dummies

It helps if you can utilize any two of the following:

1. Expect that someone is going to give you a free gift.
2. Believe that you have been specially selected for a unique opportunity.
3. Think that the word “guaranteed” means that you are protected.
4. Hope that you can work from home doing menial tasks.
5. Assume that other people want to help you solve your financial problems.
6. Trust unknown people with your credit card or bank information.
7. Anticipate great wealth without investment, training or effort.
8. Accept the statements of any telephone salesperson as true.
9. Imagine that you can change your life via an on-line promotion.
10. Feel that no similar solution has ever been available to you.


1. Loan Modifications
2. Government Grants
3. Work At Home
4. Weight Loss
5. Discount Clubs
6. Credit Repair
7. Multi-Level Marketing
8. Investment Training/Wealth Building
9. Email Chain Letters
10.Vacation Prizes

If you combine any selection from the first ten list with any selection from the second ten list, WE GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL GET NOTHING FOR YOUR SOMETHING!

And this doesn’t even include other “fraud for dummies” chapters like the Nigerian Letters and lottery winnings!

The FTC’s complaint alleges that the defendants offer consumers bogus money-making and government-grant opportunities

They will be back! (Probably already are) Using, of course, different company names and addresses, and different “Straw-figures” as front men. Are your underwriters ready to spot them? Federal Trade Commission v. Jeremy Johnson, individually, as officer of Defendants I Works, Inc., Cloud Nine, Inc., CPA Upsell, Inc., Elite Debit, Inc., Internet Economy, Inc., MarketRead More

Merchant Underwriting Guidelines

The following is the best overview I have seen as a guideline for one just beginning as an underwriter: